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A History of Nursing
By Anne Webster

ISBN: 978-1-933483-17-7

The poems in A History of Nursing combine the professional life of a woman in the healing arts with the other aspects of her life. Just as she can never stop being the child of her parents, an adult woman, or a mother, a life in nursing colors everything she does and feels. When the nurse becomes a critically ill patient, all of those elements fuse, making her understand the impact she, as a nurse, has had on others.

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A.L. Burruss: Man to Trust
By Margaret Bennett Walters

ISBN: 978-1-933483-18-4 (Published: Fall 2011)

A. L. Burruss was an extraordinary, compassionate, self-effacing, and personable man. He was the eldest of eleven children and son of a painter and carpenter whose family moved to Smyrna, Georgia in the 1930s. After high school, the Navy trained him as a refrigeration machinist and the imaginative and hard-working Burruss used his skills to start a refrigeration business. Eventually Burruss bought out one of his clients—a partner with Tip Top Poultry in Marietta, Georgia—and helped the company to become immensely successful.

Despite his prosperity, Burruss ran for political office as “a way to help others” and achieved political prominence in Cobb County and the Georgia House doing so. This book, filled with images and stories, celebrates A. L. Burruss: A man who referred to himself as a “simple chicken plucker,” his life, and his 22-year career in public service.

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Blood Works: The Sanguineous Art of Robert Sherer
By Robert Sherer

ISBN: 978-1-933483-28-3

Robert Sherer is an internationally recognized gay American artist whose work explores race, gender, sexuality, and Southern identity, intertwined with beautiful and provocative botanical and anatomical illustration. His premier book concerns the complexities of romantic life and sexual attraction in the age of AIDS and conveys a profound and highly personal aesthetic statement in response to the continuing AIDS crisis in America and abroad. Images of his stunning illustrations are printed with non-toxic ink—the originals were executed in blood drawn from the artist, as well as donated by friends, both HIV-negative and HIV-positive.

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Fulfilling Our Obligation: Perspectives on Teaching Business
Fulfilling Our Obligation: Perspectives on Teaching Business Ethics
By Sheb L. True, Linda Ferrell, O.C. Ferrell

ISBN: 978-1-933483-01-6
Before the courts began handing down sentences to the miscreants of Enron, WorldCom, and other now-notorious companies, many observers were wondering aloud if the nation’s business schools should share a measure of blame for the crisis that caused a staggering loss of public confidence in corporate America. Fulfilling Our Obligation is a collection of essays that address practical, experience-based insight for those seeking information on ethics in business education.

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Running On Full: The Story of Ruth and Ruby Crawford
By Neil Wilkinson

ISBN: 978-1-933483-23-8

Of the many terms used to describe Ruth and Ruby Crawford: Pioneering, courageous, honest, ambitious, generous, funny, witty, energetic, reverent, spiritual, faithful, altruistic, kind, sweet, and any number of other superlatives, these two extraordinary women thought themselves really pretty ordinary.

They grew up in Temple, Georgia, a small town forty-five miles west of Atlanta. In 1943, Ruth and Ruby moved to Atlanta, which they ultimately called home. Running on Full: The Story of Ruth & Ruby Crawford is an account of their interesting, challenging, and fulfilled lives, told from their unique point of view. These women were not eccentrics, but women of substance, feminists without the rhetoric, pioneers as lawyers in a time when there were few women in the profession, and as bankers, where they were among the first women bank officers in the country in the 1960s.

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The First 50 Years-Hardcover
Thomas Allan Scott
Price: $39.95

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The First 50 Years-Softcover
Thomas Allan Scott
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The Great Middle Class Revolution: Our Long March Toward...
By Melvyn Fein

ISBN: 978-1-933483-04-7

The Great Middle Class Revolution: Our Long March Toward a Professionalized Society addresses current perspectives of liberals and conservatives and then refutes them. Author Melvyn Fein suggests that the Middle Class Revolution includes professional expertise and personal life decisions. Fein is a certified clinical sociologist and Professor of Sociology at Kennesaw State University.

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Trouble No More
By Anthony Grooms

ISBN: 978-1-933483-05-4

The second edition of Anthony Grooms’s award-winning collection of short stories, Trouble No More, set throughout the American South, presents stories about history, politics, class, race, childhood, and life. These stories feature the personal and public trials of the African-American middle class. In 2006, Trouble No More was chosen as the book All Georgians Should Read, by the Georgia Center for the Book.

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Wintering into Wisdom
Dr. Betty Lentz Siegel Edited By Elizabeth Giddens

ISBN: 978-1-933483-14-6

Wintering Into Wisdom: A Festschrift for Dr. Betty Lentz Siegel honors the emeritus president of Kennesaw State University with a collection of essays for all leaders, particularly for those who lead educational institutions. The essays by novelist Ferrol Sams, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson, former President of both Spelman and Bennett Colleges Johnnetta Cole, educational psychologist William Purkey, college freshman advocate Betsy Barefoot, educator Sally Hare, and seven others explore the bases of successful leadership, including its spiritual foundations, its challenges and compromises, and its dependence on personal integrity. These essays describe the lives of leaders from the inside and instruct others in balancing complex professional and personal lives.

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