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iPod nano
All-new design. The new iPod nano has a 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display that’s great for browsing album art, photos, videos, and more.

Bluetooth. Wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones, your car stereo, and other Bluetooth-friendly devices.

Built-in fitness. Since Nike+ support and a pedometer are built into iPod nano, you can track your daily activity and goals.

  • 16GB Capacity
  • Price: $149.00


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iPod shuffle
A full spectrum of colors. Hundreds of songs. The iPod shuffle is colorful, portable, and wearable. Clip it on and take hundreds of songs with you everywhere.

Buttons. The clickable control pad on the front of iPod shuffle makes it easy to control your music.

VoiceOver. Press the VoiceOver button and iPod shuffle speaks the song title, playlist or artist name, or battery status.

  • 2GB Capacity
  • Price: $49.00


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