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OwlTEC Purchase Policy

While almost all of the merchandise in OwlTEC can be purchased by anyone, there are some exceptions. The following products can only be purchased by members of the KSU community:

  • Apple Computers
  • Adobe Software (Student/Teacher and licensed products)
  • Microsoft office (academic versions)

Eligibility Requirements to purchase educationally priced merchandise:

  • A student who is enrolled in a course of study leading to a degree or certificate from Kennesaw State University (KSU)
  • An entering student who has been accepted to KSU and has responded by stating intent to enroll in KSU
  • A Faculty member
  • Staff member who directly furthers KSU's academic mission, employed as a contractor, or acting as a consultant on behalf of KSU.
  • The products being purchased are for personal, educational and/or research use.
  • The products being purchased are not for the purpose of further resale.


The customer is responsible for ensuring that computer related products including software and peripherals are compatible with their computer (i.e. Mac or Windows) and that their computer meets the specifications required for proper functioning of the product purchased. If there is a question of compatibility, our staff would be happy to help answer any questions you may have in advance of your purchase.

Open software, hardware (including iPods, iPads, household electronics), headphones/audio, peripherals (including cables, connectors, media storage), and calculators are not returnable. Claims for defective merchandise should be directed to the product manufacture. An OwlTEC professional will assist customers by providing contact information for warranty claims.

Unopened OwlTEC merchandise can be returned or exchanged within two weeks of purchase. All returns/exchanges must be accompanied by a receipt. Technical support or assistance is provided by the manufacturer of the product. Sale, used, and clearance items are sold as is.

Apple Computer Return Policies

  • If the product is found to be defective within the first seven (7) days, Apple or OwlTEC may replace the product only after the defect has been verified by Apple Support. After the seven (7) day period Apple's warranty is in effect.
  • Special order/custom built computers cannot be returned.
  • Previous-model computers cannot be returned.

Apple iPod and iPad Return Policies

  • Previous-model iPods and iPads are not returnable.
  • Defective iPods and iPads cannot be returned to OwlTEC and are handled through Apple directly at1-800-800-2775.

The store manager reserves the right to determine return ability and product salability of all products including those not expressly listed in this policy.