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Custom Publishing: Getting Started

Getting Started as Easy as 1-2-3!

Custom designed course packs are easy. Here is everything you need to know on getting started.

  1. Compile Bibliography

    First compile a table of contents with complete bibliographical citations. A detailed bibliography expedites the permission process. Without all the essential information, the publisher may not be able to reference the material and the publisher may deny the permission.

    Complete Book Citations Include Complete Journal Citations Include
    Author/Editor Author/Editor
    Title of Book Title of Journal
    Edition # Issue #
    Copyright Year Copyright Year
    Publisher Publisher
    Chapter Title and Author Article Title;
    Page Numbers Page Numbers

    Anthologies are most likely not the original source or copyright holder. Please include the anthology's acknowledgement page.

  2. Compile a Clean, Quality Master

    Students want clean, legible copies. Please provide first generation or best available copies. All originals will be returned to you. Provide sufficient margins. When making the originals, please provide a 3/4 inch margin to allow for sufficient space for binding. Keep the cover of the copier down or use the edge erase/book copy function if available. Remember the quality of the packet starts with you!

  3. Course Packet Order Form

    Our course packet order form is available online. Submit it in person, through campus mail, or through your academic departmental support personnel.


You do not need to have photocopies prepared before contacting us with a packet request. The most critical starting point is submitting the bibliography and order form. The copyright permission process can take up to eight weeks; this is especially true for small presses and International publishers. We can work on securing the permissions while you complete the originals. This gives you extra time to gather resources and allows us more time to negotiate and secure rights for selections.