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Day One Access  

Day One Access

Day One Access (D1A) allows the KSU Bookstore to reduce student costs compared to traditional printed textbooks when instructors use interactive courseware platforms and digital books instead of printed textbooks.


Two Types of Day One Access Materials

Digital Textbooks

Day One Access (D1A) digital textbook materials are electronic textbooks (eBooks) made available to students through the Desire to Learn (D2L) learning management software. Students can find their eBooks (if applicable) under the "Content" tab in D2L on or after the first day of class.


Day One Access (D1A) courseware materials are found on your course's Home Screen or via a link provided by your professor. Courseware is for homework and other assignments. You may need to register the product after clicking the link in D2L before the Drop/Add deadline at the beginning of each semester to continue accessing the material.


Some instructors will use both eBooks and courseware; some will only use one or the other. Students should refer to the email they received from [email protected] to their student email account to know which materials are for which courses or inquire with the faculty member teaching their class.

Why Day One Access?

Day One Access allows the KSU Bookstore to negotiate pricing with publishers to get students discounts on course materials. Since all products are digital, they are delivered to students on or before the first day of classes via the Desire to Learn (D2L) platform or through the instructor's chosen courseware platform.

The Process

  • Instructors choose the course content they would like to use.
  • The bookstore works with the publisher to negotiate the lowest price available in the marketplace.
  • When students registers for a class using Day One Access, they will receive an email a week prior to classes starting, one the first day of class, and then a reminder the day before the opt-out/opt-in deadline. The email will include the required materials, the pricing for each, and a personalized link to opt-out/opt-in should you choose to do so. You should NOT share this link.
  • On the first day of class, access is granted to all enrolled students via D2L. See "How do I access my Day One Access course materials?" in the FAQs below for detailed information. Courses with Day One Access materials will show "D1A" or "Day One Access" in the book title or book notes on Owl Express.
  • The KSU Bookstore will bill each student's account for the cost of the Day One Access materials, and you will be able to see the cost of the charges in the email that you receive. As long as you have opted out of Day One Access by the drop/add deadline, your account will not be charged for the materials. The last day to opt out of Day One Access for the Fall 2023 Semester is August 18, 2023. 

Student Benefits

  • Students pay less than the cost of the traditional printed materials sold in the bookstore. The savings can be up to 80%.
  • Students save time and frustration. Course materials are automatically available digitally on the first day of class—no waiting in line or for materials to come in the mail.
  • Students are more successful in courses that use Day One Access due to being prepared on the first day of class and increased interaction with course content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my course is a Day One Access course?

After registering for classes, you can look up your booklist to see if one or more courses may be Day One courses. Note, however, that not all courses may be Day One, so please look carefully.

1. Click "Login" under Owl Express.

2. Log in with your KSU student email address and password.

3. Select the "KSU Bookstore" link under the Student Services tab.

4. Your Textbook Express Course Info will be displayed. Courses with Day One Access materials will be identified with "D1A" or "Day One Access" in the book title or book notes on Owl Express.

Also, students enrolled in a Day One Access class will receive three emails to their KSU student email address from the KSU Bookstore for each Day One Access course they are enrolled in. The first email is sent one week before classes begin, the second on the first day of class, and the third on the day before Drop/Add, which is the last day to opt out of the program. Each email contains the course information and title of the materials, their cost and your personalized link to opt out.

How do I access my Day One course materials?


1. Log in to D2L using your NetID and password

2. Click into a course

3. Click the "Content" tab on the top menu bar

4. This will display any Day One Access eBooks the faculty member is requiring

Courseware (WebAssign, MindTap, Connect, Mastering, etc.)

1. Log in to D2L using your NetID and password

2. Click into a course

3. A link to click on and register your courseware should be on your course's Home Screen or under the content tab. Most courseware will need to be registered by drop/add, so go ahead and click on the link to register the product to you.

How much does Day One Access cost?

The cost varies depending upon the platform and content used by the instructor. Still, Day One materials are less expensive than purchasing directly from the publisher or the bookstore and up to 80% less than a new, printed textbook.

When/how do I pay the Day One Access fee?

The KSU Bookstore will apply a charge to your Owl Express account for the cost of the Day One materials. Students must make payment to the Bursar's office once the cost of the materials is billed to their account. If you have Student Financial Aid funds available, the Bursar's office may automatically apply them against the Day One Access charge. Please check the academic calendar for payment deadlines each semester.

What does "opt-out" mean?

To “opt-out" means you do not want to participate in Day One Access. It indicated you do not wish to access your course materials through D2L and do not want the bookstore to charge you for those materials after the Drop/Add deadline. Opting out indicates you are choosing to obtain access to the required course materials through some other means. If you already have the required course materials or want to purchase them elsewhere, you will need to opt out by the last day of the Drop/Add period. Once you opt-out, you can no longer access the materials through Day One Access. Please note: you have not successfully opted out if you do not receive an email confirming you have done so.

What does "opt-in" mean?

Not all classes are opt-in; this is typically only for books recommended for a course by a faculty member. To "opt-in" means you want to continue to participate in Day One Access. Opting in indicates that you want to automatically access your course materials through D2L and understand that the charge for the materials will be placed on your Owl Express account. If you already have the required course materials or want to purchase them elsewhere, you do not need to do anything; as long as you do not opt-in, you will not be charged and will not have digital access to the materials through D2L after Drop/Add.

How do I opt-out or opt-in?

If you are registered for a Day One Access course, you will receive a welcome email a week before class. In this email is a link specifically for you to access your Day One Student Portal. You will need this link to opt-out or in. Do NOT share this link.

If I change my mind, can I opt back in?

Yes, but you only have until the end of the last day of Drop/Add to opt back in. Once the Drop/Add deadline has passed, you will need to acquire the materials on your own.

What if I drop the course?

If you dropped the course during the Drop/Add period, you will automatically be opted out and not charged for the Day One-course materials. Students that drop after the Drop/Add deadline will be charged for the cost of the Day One Access materials.

Who should I contact if I'm having trouble accessing the materials?

Contact the technical support team of the publisher that provides your Day One materials. If you continue to have problems, please email [email protected] a description of the issue and the support ticket number from the publisher.

McGraw-Hill: Student Support - McGraw Hill

Pearson: Student Support - Pearson

Cengage: Student Support - Cengage Learning

MacMillan (800-936-6899): Student Support - MacMillan

ECON 1000 LAD: email [email protected]

W W Norton: Student Support - W W Norton


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